Pattaya and Changing Priorities – another Gratitude Attack.

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Obviously there is a picture or assumption that many people have when they hear the word “Pattaya”. Understandable. Indeed there is a lot of “red light” that happens there. In fact, after going to Pattaya the first time, when my friends would refer to Las Vegas as “Sin City”, I would just laugh and respond, “You’re oblivious”
There is Truly, NO OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD like Pattaya Thailand – in certain areas.
I highly encourage Single Guys to experience it At Least Once in there life time.
Just make sure you go there with your head clear and your wallet in your brain and not your heart of another incorrect place.
All that innuendo aside, since meeting Gracie, my priorities have indeed changed and on this afternoon as I was chillin out in Jomtien Beach, just south of Pattaya, I realized that my priorities had changed. Pretty Significantly. Certainly from what they were during my first few trips to Pattaya.
So, I thought I’d share.
I’m naturally curious what your some of your changing priorities have been and how you feel that had possibly changed your for the better.. I hope.
Thanks for watching – I’m honored your follow the journey.
Live the Dream!

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