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Coronado 2018: Walking to the Beach, Living the Dream

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You may not know that the 2 worst months of weather in San Diego are arguably May and June. When you think of San Diego, I’m sure many of your think: Sun, Beach, Perfect Climate… etc.
Don’t get me wrong, it IS a great place to live.
As you may have heard, You are able to be outdoors 90% of the year and its hardly “Freezing Cold”.
BUT, for two months a year, most mornings at the coast have a Marine Layer (a.k.a. FOG if you are from anywhere else on the planet) that hangs over the beaches and so we have what’s called:
– “May Gray” &
– “June Gloom”
So, when there is a day in May where its 80 degrees before Noon, I take advantage. I still say that ambient temperature is a contributing factor to the level of disappointment someone may experience if they are susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder… I believe there is no coincidence its abbreviated “SAD”… yeh… indeed.

So, hope you enjoy our quick walk to the beach and a few selfies on the rocks in front of the Hotel Del Coronado (a.k.a. “The ‘Del”)

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~mikes & Gracie


World Famous San Diego Zoo – 2018

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San Diego Zoo fun!!! One of my buddies has an annual family pass for the San Diego Zoo and the associated attractions/locations. For example, the San Diego Zoo – Safari Park (a.k.a. The Wild Animal Park — what most people know it as…) With that, he gets coupons from time to time. So, TOM! Thanks for sharing your 50% off coupons. We had a great time at the Zoo!!

One of the many great things about Living in San Diego is that the “commute time” to attractions like Sea World and the San Diego ZOO is under 15 minutes from downtown or Coronado – Good stuff!

Thanks for watching – Hope you enjoy!
Live the Dream.
~mikes & Gracie

SeaWorld, San Diego (part 2) the Birthday Continues

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We finish up the day and were able to see ALL of the shows. We even watched the “Dolphin Show” twice. It was a great day and a fun way to spend Gracie’s birthday being tourists in San Diego. Thanks for watching and we look forward to bringing you more videos.

Mike Somerville Dell Technologies World Live 2018

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One of the roles I play in my life is the honor of being the President of the CONVERGED User Group. CONVERGED is a global community of IT rockstars who share challenges and solutions to their infrastructe. Most members will have VBlocks, VxBlocks, VxRails and/or VxRacks or a combination of them.
For the most part its the only reason I end up in Vegas. Las Vegas for me was best described to me by someone who lives there, “Mikes, its like a kitty litter box in a microwave and pack of smokes…” Hmmmm… well, Indeed it’s doesn’t make on my list of the “Top 1,750 places I like to go for a vacation”.
Vegas is, however, a very efficient place to have a conference. One could argue that its only place that can hold the “Mega-Conferences” – Conferences that have well north of 10,000 attendees, sometimes, 50,000 or 100,000.
While San Diego does a fair job at ComicCon, that show has simply outgrown America’s Finest City

San Francisco (part 4) Fisherman’s Wharf, Cable Cars

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This is our last video from San Francisco. It really is a great city albeit WAAAY Too Cold for us, its great to explore new locaitons. I think Gracie is liking the USA! …there still is not enough street food so I’m sure Thailand will end up on the calendar Very Soon!!!!