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(chest bump) Katy’s Cafe, Imperial Beach, CA

IBI think it’s important to share Good news, IN FACT I believe it is 10 times more important to share good news versus bad.  I’ve heard a bunch of guy’s who’s Blogs and VLogs I follow recently state that “Bad News Sells!”.   They too agree that Good News is kind of news that needs focus.  One specific version of this was “I stopped watching the news as its all negative… you know CNN?, the Constant Negative News network…”

Indeed… sigh.

SO, here’s your little hug of GOOD NEWS:
I have been coming to Katy’s Cafe in Imperial Beach, CA for over a year and on a scale of 1 to Mikes it definitely deserves a High Five, a big hug… and a (chest bump).  BooYah.  Kahblamovich!  Yeh… its THAT cool.

I bet that when Howard Schultz walked into a place this cool, while at the same time warm (…you know what i’m saying), intimate, homey (homie?), community engaging, minimally iconic, welcoming, happy and respected, he thought, “I Gotta do THIS!”  I bet places like Katy’s were what he envisioned Starbucks would be like.  Spoiler alert, it’s not.  I literally drive past 3 Starbucks to come down to Katy’s.  Their Vietnamese Latte is my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Starbucks.  I’d probably like it a Hell of a LOT more if I have bought their stock 20 years ago… and held on to it. No regrets though.

When I was here last weekend, it was Katy’s birthday.  I asked her for a Katy’s Cafe Postcard letting her know I’d be sending it to Mum.  She smiled.  Today, I was able to report that I got an email from Mum thanking me for the post card and to wish Katy happy birthday.

BLAM. Good News.

So, if you are ever wanting a great cup of coffee, awesome home made sandwiches, EPIC cinnamon rolls, and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are hanging out at your family’s summer house for a great breakfast (any time of day) then cruise over to Katy’s Cafe in IB:

Its at 704 Seacoast Drive Imperial Beach California 91932 and you just follow Palm Ave all the way West from where ever you happen to get on Palm Ave (i.e. I-5 or maybe if you are coming down the silver strand from Coronado).  Take a left when you get to the end and park right there on your right.  She’s got free WiFi which as you know, makes the couches That Much More Comfortable.

I know you will Enjoy it. Its all part of my plan for a full-scale, global  LiveMyAssOff.

Now, go Live the Dream! Cuz if you’re not Living the Dream, you’re doing it wrong.
(chest bump)


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