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Commuting to San Diego from Coronado

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I got up about 7am, left the house about 8am, took the ferry from Coronado Ferry Landing to Downtown San Diego/Broadway Pier and over to a meeting at a local Westin Hotel.
It was a great way to inject a bit of “vacation” into my morning commute – not something that is easily done in many cities.

I guess that’s why its called America’s Finest City. While I may not agree with that label, San Diego really has been a wonderful place for me to call home for about 30 years now. It has offered me the ability to earn a good living, grow spiritually and emotionally. Indeed the weather is what many people refer to as “perfect”. For me it is still a bit too cold and May and June marine layer/cloud cover that lingers to at least 11am most mornings really wears on my energy but it *IS* indeed home. I’m very lucky to be alive, let alone be living in San Diego.
Hopefully you enjoyed the little outing this morning. Thanks for joining me and Thanks for Watching!

Live the Dream!!

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