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Day #2 Bangkok, Check In from The Coffee Club

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(FIRST OFF – REEEEEALLY SORRY For the Background Noise – I’ll fix that in upcoming videos. I promise)
With all good intentions of moving to Thailand and eating street food for 40 baht, getting massages for 400 baht and sipping fresh coconut water at the beach for 30 bath, I ended up spending 277 baht at The Coffee Club near the Hyatt off of the Nana BTS station during a 2 hour meeting with the COO of UX Pillow.
They are a software development and AI organization out of Auckland, NZ with additional offices also in Bangkok and London. The COO reached out to me about a year ago in of those random LinkedIn messages to just say hello and offer their services. No real hard sell. And now, I’m in the need of some coders with skills and integrity. So, wanted to meet up in Bangkok before I met up with Gracie and began the “vacation” part of what I was hoping to accomplish.

While I *do* posses a visa commonly referred to as a “retirement visa”, I am hardly following the traditional path of some middle class dude in the US who’s left his life-long career of earning to now live off his savings.
Quite simply, I’ve just stopped living and working in southern California and now live in Thailand.
So, on Day#2, part of that “living” involves over-paying for some iced mocha and espresso lattes to learn about some possible options to get some software written.
…then, later that day, I took the BTS back to my hotel and had a Great hour-long Thai massage for $16.55 (including tip). So, “retirement” is looking pretty sweet so far.
Stay tuned for more updates from the Land of Smiles.
Live the Dream!

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