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I prefer Hot and Sunny weather. Some people don’t. I have discovered that I am *very* photon-driven. I indeed get fueled by an environment that is “warmer” and “sunnier”. Your mileage may very. HOWEVER, I’m always curious how YOU discover if the place/area/country/city you want to vacation in or move to has “ideal” conditions… Do you Google it? Ask one of your buddies that’s been there for at least 13 months (i.e. a full cycle of weather)? or watch YouTube Videos from other expats who travel from place to place?
I find that the best data I seem to get is from friends who have “been there, done that”. This data transfer usually takes place over coffee or a smoothie.

So, if you are ever in San Diego, let me know, I’d be honored to buy your a smoothie and learn about where You have been and what the environment was like.

Live the Dream!

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