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Khao Ta Mong Lai Forest Park/Urban Forest, Prachuap Khiri Kahn, Thailand

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You may recognize Gracie from the Thumbnail I liked this one as, this is the part of the video where she is eating “fruit” from a tree.
On this particular day on our “vacation” to Prachuap Khiri Khan, we ended up driving the motorbike around another of the horseshoe-shaped beaches to the end. We were in full Discovery & Exploration mode. A state which I *love* and can spend HOURS doing; walking, sitting, taking video, taking pictures, doing nothing, talking, closing my eyes, smelling nature’s air, or just listening to the waves lap up on the beach. The “Waves on the Beach” thing, I can sit and listen to for hours. Love It!
Anyway, at the “end of the road” on this particular mini-“road trip” of our this one afternoon, we end up at the Khao Ta Mong Lai Forest Park a.k.a Urban Forest in PrachuapKhiriKhan. Like all the other National Park of Thailand that I/we have experienced, this one was completely free, Very Well taken care of, quiet, and empty. LOVED IT.
So, we took about 30 minutes to stroll out to what was referred to as the “view point” and had a very enjoyable early afternoon pause to appreciate one of the MANY little pieces of Awesome that Thailand’s natural beauty has to offer.
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