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{LIVE}. Night Time in Bangkok: Live My Ass Off & 20 Seconds in Thailand

Check out the latest video: {LIVE}. Night Time in Bangkok: Live My Ass Off & 20 Seconds in Thailand

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———— * Live Stream from Bangkok with 20 Seconds in Thailand’s Thailand Rob * ———
Rob and I are going to try a Live Stream via StreamYard ( ) at 9:00pm Thailand time, on a Thursday Night – which is Thursday Morning: 7:00am PST // 10:00am EST
He’s in Kamala, Phuket and I’m up here off of lower Sukhumvit in the Big Mango.
Honored to have you join the Live Stream and looking forward to chatting with you and Rob as we discuss what’s been going on this week as Thailand sloooooowly opens back up…
Chat soon!!
Live the Dream,

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