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My Ramadan? RamaDONE. Great Learning Experience!

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I tried doing the “fasting during the day” part of Ramadan. I started fasting at the prescribed time as listed here:

And I ate my big meal after 7:50pm. I actually gorged at a new Thai restaurant, and then had like 2 apple turnovers afterward. Yeh… this is NOT a good weight loss program. HA!

I will say though, I do indeed have respect for those who practice.
BUT, for me, I need to be very cautious about behaviors that produce a headache… For me, the chances of a migraine (a *real* migraine) producing undesirable results is a bit higher than the after person… and possibly the average Muslim, practicing Ramadan…
If I get a bad migraine, I end up in the ER.. if it gets worse, I end up in ICU…. NOT HAPPENING!!! Plus, I know exactly what would happen: The doctor would ask, “what have you had to eat or drink in the last 12 hours…??”
If i answer, “nothing.. i’m fasting…”
He/She would simply sigh, roll their eyes and write down on a prescription: Eat food. Drink water… BOZO!

Here is a great, simple article I liked about the ceremony and how to respect those friends and colleagues who practice:

For those practicing, i wish you a blessed and rewarding experience. ..:: Ramadan Kareem ::..

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