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Open-minded to Sunrises! Cha-Am Beach, Thailand

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While its seems the popular thing to do for MANY people at the end of the day is to head to the beach and watch the sunset, I’ve come to realize the much less popular morning ritual of walking the beach during sun RISE is equally if not *more* enjoyable for me.
Cha-Am is located south west of Bangkok with the beaches facing east to the Gulf of Thailand so, the sunsets occur over the inland mountains.
Sunrises are infinitely less popular and I literally have the whole beach to myself for sometimes many kilometers. LOVE IT!
So, on this morning, I go to thinking about the simple act of being OPEN-MINDED. Now, its not too difficult of a chore to be open-minded to walk the beach at Sunrise vs. Sunset BUT the act of doing so got me thinking, “where do I apply this to other areas in in my life? what other gains have I gotten from that? liiiiiike moving literally half way around the world to e an environment where I simply Feel Better! where Don’t I have my mind open!!?? and where has that really limited me?”

So, some things to think about and some areas to ponder the gratitude I get from the ways I keep an open mind.
Thanks for Watching. Honored by your comments.
Live the Dream!

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