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The “next Five years”

Greetings… its 5:14 PST.

Living the Dream at my mini maui mansion

One of the things you learn about me if you don’t know already is that my OCD shows up in my obsession with numbers. SO. I set my alarm clock to a time whereby the minutes add up to the hour.  For example, if I needed it get up at 6am-ish, I’d set the alarm for 6:06 or 6:15 or 6:24…  you get it…  WHICH brings us to 5:14am.

Good morning from Coronado California and my little slice of heaven.

I’ve been on this kick lately about “the next 5 years“… and I’m curious what your thoughts are on YOUR “next five years”  ..:: Please Reply/Post Below ::..

I’m putting the “next five years” in quotes because your responses can be your plans, dreams, goals, etc for whatever time frame you’re thinking about. (e.g. the next 3 years, 9 months, 4 years.. whatever…)

This started in late June (2015) while I was at a convention in Atlanta… This convention happens… you guessed it… every five years.  I thought to myself:

Right now, I’m thinking that in the next FIVE YEARS, almost the whole world will be connected to the Internet and because of that, the countries that are not currently connected (e.g. Cambodia) are ripe for growth opportunities.

My trip to the Philippines over December and January may involve a trip over to Cambodia BUT the recent announcement I came across about how Cambodia is getting their first undersea fiber connection… and how this will connect Cambodia with up to 30Tbps (30,000 Gbps) of bandwidth is Very exciting.  Not Too Shabby!!!!

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