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Tiger Kingdom, Phuket Thailand, Dec 2017

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This was truly one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in my life. These animals are absolutely magnificent. Tiger Kingdom in Phuket, Thailand is a really AWESOME place.

Most of the animals have been born there and are VERY Comfortable with people. For the most part, they eat chicken twice a day… not people 😉

The location is pretty close the the “center” of Phuket so it was only about 30-40 minutes from the pier on the east side of the island of Phuket and it is only about 30 minutes from Patong beach which, as most people know, is on the west side of the island and arguably the Most touristy spot in Phuket.
The local neighborhood also allowed us the opportunity to stop and get some street food afterward. I nice contrast in price as opposed on the touristy prices of Tiger Kingdom.
Is it “overpriced”??
No, not really.
When I think about it, I would much rather pay “extra” and have no distracting thoughts about these beautiful animals being even the slightest bit mis-treated.
I can almost guarantee you that these animals are Living The Dream!

All the areas are very clean as are the tigers. The trainers are truly like brothers with these animals – growing up with them every day.

While some of you might think this video is a bit long, I wanted to include as much of the footage that I took so you can get the best idea of what you really get for your money.
Meaning: you will spend maybe an extra 5-10 minutes over the length of this video being with these tigers.

Also, it is VERY SAFE – I have already had folks asking me, “Were you scared?” Honestly, I never felt afraid. I think Gracie was a bit fearful at first but warmed up. I can understand why some might be a bit on edge. These animals weight about 300 pounds (~150 Kg) and basically ALL muscle.

I hope you enjoy this.
One final thing I will say. No matter HOW good the quality of the video or the photos you might see, there is Nothing like being there and touching the Tigers’ fur and feeling their huge paws.

I *highly* recommend it!!

Live the Dream!

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