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Travel Tip #38 : travel with a power strip?

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While I’m out and about, letting the time lapse do its thing back in my hotel room, I like to be able to charge my devices. To take advantage of the “always on” outlets in the rooms here in Thailand that have the All Power Off electricity-saving feature whereby you leave your key/card in a slot while IN the room and all power is ON but then when you leave, and take the key with you, all the power goes out. Normally this eliminates any opportunity to charge any devices while your gone, UNLESS, you travel with an inexpensive power strip and plug everything into the ALWAYS ON outlet(s). These are usually behind the ‘fridge or TV. When theses items are not easily moved, I traditionally don’t bother but if they can be moved and/or unplugged without causing any problems then I take advantage of this power and use my power strip!
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