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Walk’n’Talk AWESOMELY HOT Afternoon Sun | Cha-Am Thailand

Check out the latest video: Walk’n’Talk AWESOMELY HOT Afternoon Sun | Cha-Am Thailand

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I just love the HEAT and HUMIDITY that is South East Asia and specifically my permanent home for almost 2 years, Thailand.
Just 2 years ago, I boarded my one-way flight from LAX to BKK. A few days later, Gracie and I were getting off the bus that goes from Bangkok to Hua Hin at the Cha-Am stop and heading to our first AirBnB.
Since then we’ve lived here, and in Bangkok and traveled to several places here in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Each and Everytime we make our way back to Cha-Am I seem to be more and more content. Walking on this beach just after sunrise continues to be one of the best medicines for my psyche!
During this trip, I find myself getting Extreme enjoyment from walking during the hottest part of the day… for hours.. In about 38°C (100°F) heat and 65%++ humidity.
(as I type this it’s 41°!!! and I could feel more “comfortable”)
This is the second in what seems to be a series of lengthy “Walk’n’Talk” videos that I like to schedule as a Premier. This allows me to offer a “live stream-like” experience with Live Chat from a produced video.
Hope you enjoy.
Looning forward to sharing more of a life that I label as “Extraordinarily Ordinary”.

Live the Dream!!

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