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Wat Thammikaram Worawihan “Monkey Temple” Mountain Walk over 350 steps!!!

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Wat Thammikaram Worawihan, “Monkey Temple” on Khao Chong Krachok Hill in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. Walking up several hundred steps is hardly the end of the world. Doing it at 4pm at Latitude 11 in Thailand when its 90 degrees F (~ 32 degrees C) and the humidity is about 70%, its not impossible but, as you’ll not from the video it was indeed a challenge.
Gratefully we thought to bring water. Gratefully I haven’t been a smoker for years!

This is colloquially called Monkey Temple. The monkeys are really only at the base of the stairs, along the streets and sidewalks and for the most part, the only fight amongst themselves. They look at us humans, very used to us being around and will follow us somewhat, undoubtedly because many a tourist will feed them on occasion.
I think they are great and as far as pets go, I think a Monkey would be THE BEST pet ever. But, time will tell.

It ended up being 396 total steps. On our way up, sure, we got tired and hot but my camera-phone also suffered the ambient heat as well as direct sunlight as well as the heat it generates taking video. So, just about the time we were making it up to the top, My camera gave out. So, we needed to take a break WHICH sort of happened at a decent time as the video was getting to about 10 minutes so making this a Two Part video worked out well.
Hope you enjoy and as always, THANK YOU for joining us along our journey.

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