7 months in Thailand. Some reflections. #gratitudeAttack

Check out the latest video: 7 months in Thailand. Some reflections. #gratitudeAttack https://youtu.be/m5ybViYucuQ

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I was sitting down, just listening to the birds here in Lumpini Park and realized, “Hey!!! It’s the 21st of the month – I’ve been here 7 MONTHS!! Awesome!”
So, wanted to open up the camera and upload a video of my thoughts in the moment.
I’ve definitely made the right decision and I hope that wherever You are watching or reading this, You are safe and happy and aware of all of the Good in your life.
I’m honored you guys watch my videos and participate in the comments and the chat and live streams or whatever you think adds value to your life.
Have and AMAZ!NG day and I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your successes
Live the Dream!