I’m ~mikes.  I want to start by saying Thank You for coming by.

cropped-cropped-2014-12-21-11-05-00-e1438557606105.jpg Let’s face it, there’s a TON of stuff on the Internet so the fact that you’ve come here, well, it’s an honor.  My goal is to share with you my travels and experiences, while at the same time use this site to hopefully allow me to set some goals as I discover the options as it relates to moving to South East Asia.

I’m in my mid-40’s (as of writing this in 2015) and between now and the time I’m 50 I hope to gain (and share) a bit more clarity on what it means to become an “expat”.

“Live the Dream” I always say… I truly believe that if you are not living the dream, you’re doing it wrong!.

I’d love your input, suggestions, recommendations and comments.

Join me, as I Live My Ass Off!

… stay tuned.

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