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..:: Scheduled for Saturday morning in BANGKOK ::..
*** 8AM Bangkok | 9AM Boracay | 11AM Brisbane ***
** 9PM (Friday) Boston | 6PM (Friday) Beverly Hills **
* Robbie The Butcher and AMAZEbald ~mikes and BACK for another Weekend LiveStream-a-gogo on the topic(s) of Thailand.
~mikes is now BACK *HOME* IN BANGKOK
So we’ll be discussing such topics as :
* Entering Thailand in September 2022 *
* Putting systems in place for NOT living in the US
* PLANNING AHEAD – Things to do PRIOR to getting on the plane and Leaving.

* Robbie’s Journey/Transition – status update – Countdown to ONE WAY TICKET
* Separation Anxiety??
* STAYING FOCUSED on the PRIZE: Thailand in Nov!
* F**K Verizon // CDMA phones Suck Ass for Global LIfestyle
* T-Mobile UNLOCKED Phone Options → Cool Kids use GOOGLE Fi *** GLOBAL ENTRY!!! **

Questions from our AMAZING 11 Listeners!!!
” mikes, you’re “Back Home” in Bangkok – anything new since you left in June?
” ..what do you/will you miss the most from the US??”
” …What’s one of the First Things you did upon return?
“what’s still GOOD about the USA?
” What’s lame about the US?”

— AND —
Many more of your Questions answered LIVE.

If for some reason we don’t get to answer your questions during the LIveStream, PLEASE reach out directly to either of us:
ROBBIE :: [email protected]
~mikes :: [email protected]

Chat soon!!