KAMALA BEACH – MORNING WALK ‘n’ CHAT | Gracie and I enjoying a Phuket Beach Walk NO MORE QUARANTINE

Check out the latest video: KAMALA BEACH – MORNING WALK ‘n’ CHAT | Gracie and I enjoying a Phuket Beach Walk NO MORE QUARANTINE https://youtu.be/1BxC3aE1DFI

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Gratefully, Gracie was willing to sit through the boredom of the 15 Day Quarantine of ASQ in Bangkok and we are not able to enjoy our lives, Frockling about the sand and surf of the MANY beaches in Thailand. First stop: Kamala Beach on the west side of Thailand’s biggest island: Phuket. On this morning is was pretty close to Full Low tide so the walking was great. The little bit of drizzle and cloud cover allowed us to keep cool from the March/April sun.
So, Happy Wednesday from this side of the world. We hope wherever you are you’re safe, happy and LIVING THE DREAM!
All the best,
~mikes & Gracie

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