{LIVE} (Part 6) ImpromTU’BEeach = Trash Heroes!!! | Prachuap Khiri Khan Beach

Check out the latest video: {LIVE} (Part 6) ImpromTU’BEeach = Trash Heroes!!! | Prachuap Khiri Khan Beach https://youtu.be/V48z54kN9Os

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I got up early this morning as I really wanted to be up BEFORE the sunrise.
While,I was indeed awake, the cloud cover prevented us (i.e. all of us at the cool kids table) from seeing the sun emerge from out of the Gulf of Thailand, I was able to experience a bunch of wonderful Thai locals picking up trash in the morning on the beach. They call themselves Trash Heroes and for sure, they are keeping the beach… Their beach… Their Home!!! clean and enjoyable. I LOVE when I get the serenipidous opportunity to be an observer of such positive behavior. It fuels me to want more – to want to do more!
Thanks for experiencing it with me and chatting.
You guys are great!!!!
Live The Dream!

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