Check out the latest video: Walk’n’Talk’n’Ride: JUNGCEYLON SHOPPING MALL, PATONG BEACH, MIKES’ (Karon) BEACH, PHUKET THAILAND https://youtu.be/jdNds8IyfQw

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I started out my morning at Jungceylon Shopping Center Mall in Patong Beach. The hours are shortened from a “normal” December BUT, of course, what the heck is “normal” about 2020, right?
I wanted to give you a bit of a walk-through but then extended the video and also made it a premier so we could chat during the initial playback.
As you might guess, Jungceylon was EMPTY. WIth all the Starbucks, Burger Kings and other eateries closed. Only ONE of the McDonalds, and ONE of the Amazon Coffee shops was open in this morning. This was not just High Season in Thailand but PEAK Season; a time when there are so many cars, motorbikes and tourists walking and driving around, parking is near impossible.
I found a spot right out front.
Quite frankly, Patong Beach is really hurting. It was completely EMPTY in the mall as well as the road from Patong to Karon Beach.
That said, I believe that Patong and the Thai people are very resilient and when the world bounces back and allows for more freer regional and global travel, Thailand will be a SHINING example of how teamwork and perseverance and “playing the long game” really pays off.
Thanks for Watcing.
Hope you are Living the Dream!

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