Wang Sai Resort, Mae Haad | Koh Phangan, Thailand | Motorbike Ride to 360 Bar (CaUtioN nO GimBal)

Check out the latest video: Wang Sai Resort, Mae Haad | Koh Phangan, Thailand | Motorbike Ride to 360 Bar (CaUtioN nO GimBal)

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Greetings from the WANG SAI BEACH RESORT ( ) of Mae Haad right by Ko Ma in Koh Phangan, Thailand,
I stayed here during my last trip to Ko Pha-Ngan. During this trip, once I got off the ferry and got my Motorbike, this was where I headed. Its AWESOME!
I have another beach bungalow and thought, “well, I just stay one night and then in the morning, I’ll probably go to another part of the island…”
As of this video I’ve been here for at least 3 nights. It’s awesome. I like awesome. Did I mention its Awesome!!??
SO, while I have showed you the beaches in previous videos, I thought I’d take a ride up the hills near by.
Fear not though – simple stay tuned for more Beach and Sand.
BECAUSE, beaches are, well…. AWESOME! :–)

Here’s the link to the Evening Rain Sounds:
Here’s the link to the Sunset Wave Sounds:
Here’s the Link to BANGKOK STRANGE:

Thanks for watching,
Live the Dream my friends!

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