Worlds Longest Floating Market Walk’n’Chat Video | World Famous Bang Krachao Bike Ride (Part 3)

Check out the latest video: Worlds Longest Floating Market Walk’n’Chat Video | World Famous Bang Krachao Bike Ride (Part 3)

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As part of our bike ride around this totally cool “Island” in the middle of Bangkok, we went to the “floating market” that happens every weekend. While the Chatuchak Weekend Market may technically uphold its title as “the worlds largest outdoor weekend market that is near a park in a massive South East Asian city”, for my money and to fuel my enjoyment the Bang Krachao weekend market wins hands down. That said, they offer different things. Chatuchak is more clothing-related. and, I would submit one the reasons they can still be called “largest market” is the fact that you will see 2,3…7 of the same store, just 200 meters from the last one. Same products, Same branding, Same prices… well, as we say in Thailand: Same Same. The variety and quality of food and smiles from the vendors far exceed that of that “inland” market and when you are on Bang Krachao, we highly encourage you to check out the market.

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