Accountability Partner V020:2017



– so wanted to touch on two things actually the first is a like you I’ve you know you follow people on YouTube and follow people on the blogs and you felt people on facebook and and that’s where that sort of thing one of the guys that I follow I have a lot of respect for he’s lived in lived in Bangkok a long time  – named Scott and he shares the reality of him living in bangkok and so it’s great that he also offers people advise me as a paid membership site and the free membership site so it’s it’s often the offers all the stuff and I really i was reminded the other day about how important Varner ability is and so for me what does that means the vulnerability accountability whatever it sort of nomenclature you want to use before me what I’ve noticed is that if i can be accountable to somebody or if I could have an accountability partner I mean whatever sort of you know maybe New Age label you want to put on it whatever you call it accountability partners actually fairly accurate description and for me you know i could also call my sponsor or mentor or whatever but I check in with somebody every day and it for me his name is Bill and I’ve known for over 20 years and literally I check in with him every day he travels and he’s very busy in business so a lot of times the check-in just me leaving an update on voicemail as i drive to work but i’ll tell you something it’s very effective and it’s probably the most regularly effective thing that I do that has the maximum amount of ROI meaning the investment is like between 1680 seconds as I’m in the car and i just press a couple buttons on the dash and iphone comes up and it automatically calls him and I just hate that i was going here’s where i’m at right now and if I say hey please call me back he calls me back if i text them to get back he gets back to me it’s all about the level of urgency but the nice thing is for the most part again it’s a regular changin some sort of check-ins and I share that with you because as this guy shared online he was just talking about how he really needs to improve the top and I went through a process to over two years ago where I said I got to improve my house and I gotta do something for me the solution was going through a program at Kaiser Kaiser Permanente HMO called positive choice wellness and basically what that does is that what you want a very specific diet and then you sit in a room once a week with your peers basically people that are going to the same challenges and solutions taking the same solutions that you are meaning regular you know or controlled medically supervised weight loss so that is healthy and your body is healthy and you’re constantly on a trajectory towards healthy and through that I was able to lose 50 pounds i lost 10 pounds in the first week with a lot of water weight and that sort of thing right and then seven pounds a week after that for you know approximately six weeks and once I got to the point of losing 50 pounds i got down to approximately 185 now I’m about 190 190 to actually my facebook kind of fat because of economic been clearly out the Sun today but whatever the Lighting’s not great fine you know and and of course YouTube add 10 pounds point exactly whatever but the point is that I hit my goal and one of the things that’s kind of sharing was that you don’t you just lack the motivation and you know I totally been there we’ve all I should trust me we’ve all been there if you don’t think you’ve been there then you’re delusional for something that you wanted to be more motivated about and he didn’t have the motivation but i’ll just share my own experience great help how’s that so anyway my experience is that you know when I lack motivation if I can reach out to my friends and by my friends right here quote i define those people that are basically willing to save my ass before they’re willing to save my face meaning you know they would rather really helped me do better than make me just look good and and so those are my true friends I’m blessed to have a wonderful amount of friends in my life and i have also a lot of acquaintances and those people are great too but occasionally there though sometimes just tell me what I want to hear that sort of thing so anyway so that one of my key friends is this accountability partner that I have and I have basically given him the permission to potentially hurt my feelings in order to save my ass and so I hope that you have someone like that in your life and i highly recommend it and I can tell you if you’re in those scenarios where you just like lacking motivation and that sort of thing or start when island scenario that lacking motivation because of these daily check-ins that I do with Bill you know it’s it’s a constant reminder of okay i mean i’m not going to constantly just call him every single morning i’m still not motivated and still motivated i’m still not motivated you don’t actually think okay will you to do anything about it you know and after just hearing myself talk sometimes you know I mean it’s kind of a another way of verbal verbal journaling make which potentially some of this stuff and I’m goin with this with with it with his log with this with this YouTube kill you know it’s kind of just share you know where I that and hopefully along the way maybe share something with you so you know I hope that if there’s any area of your life right now where you just not motivated or whatever you’re able to sort of pause and think to yourself okay so like who really cares about me who loves me in my life right now and Who am I going to be able to reach out to and you know who’s my accountability partner because i am always amazed at the level of simple success I always have when I engage someone else in a challenge that I’m trying to do you know the whole like to have prevented one none of us are as smart as all of us i mean it’s it’s all these little phrase that you’ve heard all along the way standard it’s common knowledge but it’s not common practice you know and so all I would do is I just want to impart to you that you know one of the more simple solutions that I’ve had to getting over that sort of level of lack of motivation and getting to the point of oki do this i’ve done it once already done a second time both times were uncomfortable r is the third time it’s the third day of you know not ingesting food that’s going to increase my weight it’s the third day of not smoking it’s the third year of not smoking I’m still going to call my sponsor i’m still going to not drink i’m still going to not smoke whatever it is whatever challenge that you got in my experience when you engage someone when you engage an accountability partner massive success is is has been the the results for me so anyway I just wanted to share that happy sunday all over your body august second 2015 and again like I’ve always said Mike I hope you’re living at drinks you’re not living the dream you doing wrong LOL shout and don’t 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