Balikbayan to the Philippines

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I wanted to share about the Balikbayan Boxes that I just shipped to the Philippines. If you are not familiar with it a Balikbayan Box used for shipping goods from the US to the Philippines. It is about $100 for a box that is about 6 cu.ft. in volume. Its a similar paradigm as “if it fits, its ships” that the USPS has. Meaning: the weight is irrelevant. HOWEVER, the downside is, you cannot ship electronics or phones.. Grrrr… i have about 4 phones I need to ship to Gracie but unfortunately This will not be the solution for that.. Oh well.

Also, while the cost could be considered reasonable, it takes at least a month for the box to get there and in my case, the boxes are going to Aklan so it will be taking 2 months.
Oh well, its nothing critical, just household goods, bedsheets, etc. that I would want to have when I get over there… Well, actually, I am really most interested to see how long it really Does take to get there and if it really is “door to door” as advertised.

I was a bit bummed that they only take cash or checks… kinda lame but whatever.

I’ll keep you updated to on the progress!
Thanks for watching.