Why Thailand (Part 5) Bangkok Lumpini Park, Jan 20, FREEDOM = True Wealth #GratitudeAttack

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I wanted up make sure I upload this video today, Monday, January 20th (in the US) as this has historically been the Last day I would have/could have spent on vacation and away from the office during the very long “Christmas Break” or “Holiday Break” or “semester break” of “over New Years” or whatever label you prefer.
Suffice it to say,, normally, during the time period some where between mid December and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday I would be in SE Asia since my first trip to this part of the world, back in 2013.
And on this particular Martin Luther King day, in 2020, I am gratefully, NOT traveling back to San Diego nor going back to sit in my cold, grey office at the University of San Diego.
Don’t get me wrong, San Diego was and this is (for many people) a *fantastic* place. There is a high percentage of people in the US that believe refer to San Diego as “America’s Finest City” and ask many people in the ‘states and they will usually revert to some exclamation of “San Diego has perfect whether”. And for many people, including me, for a LOT of years, it did. BUT once I found Thailand, and then other countries in South East Asia and Gracie, well, a lot of the “awesome” that was once San Diego just wasn’t there for me any longer.

Ao Manao Beach – Prachuap Khiri Khan (part 1)

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Gracie and I awoke to a Gorgeous Sunrise from the balcony at our hotel: Hadthong right on the beach in Prachuap Khiri Khan.
Breakfast was included with our room so, after this “free” breakfast, we walked across the road behind the hotel and for 200 Baht (~ $6.60) plus about $2 in fuel, we rented a motorbike. The bike included 2 helmets. 😉
We took a little ride just south of our hotel which takes us through the Wing 5 Airbase.
Here is some info on the airbase:

Wing 5, the Prachuap Airbase

We had to “sign in” at the entry gate by just writing my passport number and name on a paper attached to a clip board. This is not hugely enforced and its actually a nice way to greet the guards that stand at the entrance.
Once at Ao Manao beach we realized, in the evening, the once flat-sand turns into a beach filled with little balls of sand – generated by little crabs burrowing into the sand only a few centimeters below the surface.
Ao Manao is one of THE Quietest and most peaceful Thai beaches I have ever been to. I LOVED It. It is a Great “walking” beach as the slope is next to nothing so, no weird slant to your heips and the hard pack sand is very clean and there are Plenty of places to duck in between the trees to find your own slice of privacy.
Prachuap Khiri Khan is definitely in my TOP 10 places of Thailand FOR SURE!
I hope if you get to Thailand, you make it a point to head South of Hua Hin as its a real treat!!!
Thanks for watching.
Live the Dream!

We Made it! 396 Steps! (Part 2): Monkey Temple Wat Thammikaram Worawihan, Prachuap Khiri Khan

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After letting my camera, me, and Gracie cool down a bit and finishing up the last few steps, WE MADE IT to the Top of the 396 steps of Khao Chong Krachok Hill. This basically gets you to Wat Thammikaram Worawihan a.k.a. “Monkey Temple”.
Now, once you DO get to the top, there are still opportunities for climbing up even more steps and taking some AMAZING photos. The views from here are truly spectacular.
You will indeed read Many recommendations about how you should probably NOT climb the stairs in the afternoon/late afternoon (i.e. the hottest part of the day). Ok, that Is a pretty good suggestion. But, I will put this suggestion out there – climb when the sky is the clearest. Just take your time, take breaks, drink water/stay hydrated and ENJOY yourself. This is by far one of the greatest views in Prachuap Khiri Khan so while we felt it in our legs once we got to the top, after resting for about 10 minutes, you soon forget how long it took and, at least *I* was Incredibly Grateful we did it.
I know we will go back to PKK and I *know* we will climb this again.
Thanks for watching and joining us on our journey.
Stay tuned for some more from the beaches of Prachuap Khiri Khan – one of my Favorite places in Thailand!!
Live the Dream.

Wat Thammikaram Worawihan “Monkey Temple” Mountain Walk over 350 steps!!!

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Wat Thammikaram Worawihan, “Monkey Temple” on Khao Chong Krachok Hill in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. Walking up several hundred steps is hardly the end of the world. Doing it at 4pm at Latitude 11 in Thailand when its 90 degrees F (~ 32 degrees C) and the humidity is about 70%, its not impossible but, as you’ll not from the video it was indeed a challenge.
Gratefully we thought to bring water. Gratefully I haven’t been a smoker for years!

This is colloquially called Monkey Temple. The monkeys are really only at the base of the stairs, along the streets and sidewalks and for the most part, the only fight amongst themselves. They look at us humans, very used to us being around and will follow us somewhat, undoubtedly because many a tourist will feed them on occasion.
I think they are great and as far as pets go, I think a Monkey would be THE BEST pet ever. But, time will tell.

It ended up being 396 total steps. On our way up, sure, we got tired and hot but my camera-phone also suffered the ambient heat as well as direct sunlight as well as the heat it generates taking video. So, just about the time we were making it up to the top, My camera gave out. So, we needed to take a break WHICH sort of happened at a decent time as the video was getting to about 10 minutes so making this a Two Part video worked out well.
Hope you enjoy and as always, THANK YOU for joining us along our journey.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Beach, Walk to Temple, Khao Chong Krachok, MONKEYS!

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From our hotel, Hadthong ( http://www.hadthong.com/ ) we walk north along the beach (sort of a boardwalk/sidewalk ) and from there we end up at the base of a great temple:
** Khao Chong Krachok.
More info on that here: http://www.prachuapkhirikhan.org/khao-chong-krachok-prachuap/
and, for more info on Prachuap Khiri Khan (PKK) click here: http://www.prachuapkhirikhan.org/

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy.

Hadthong Hotel – Prachuap Khiri Khan Beach Front for 1200 Baht/night

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A quick walk from the Prachuap Khiri Khan train station, straight toward the beach and then walk about 1 block south and you will reach the Hadthong Hotel.

Its got GREAT VIEWS. The physical plant is pretty weathered on the south side and my recommendation is that you book one of their “Suite” rooms as those are newer and much nicer. Additionally, if you can get a high floor (higher than 4th floor) you can really take advantage of leaving the windows open all night long and listening to the sound of the waves! Just Awesome.
That said, were got a GREAT deal of only 1200 THB (~$40 USD at the current exchange rate, Dec 2019) as the views and sounds were great. Do be aware that many of the rooms are pretty weathered and if we had to do it over again, we would Definitely look at the room more thoroughly before “signing on the dotted line” and, the next time we got to PKK, we will likely stay at the SUN BEACH GUEST HOUSE or ZEA ZIDE Hotel (very new).
This is just a quick tour of our hotel room and the view.
MUCH MORE INTERESTING STUFF coming from our trip to Prachuap Khiri Khan.
Stay tuned!

Train to Prachuap Khiri Khan 760 Baht from Hua Hin

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After a night in Hua Hin, a city Gracie and I had already been to several times just for the day, we decided to explore Thailand some more via train. So, we walked back to the Hua Hin train station and took the train about 1 and a half hours further south to Prachuap Khiri Khan. PKK turned out to be One of my top 5 favorite places in Thailand. The speed there is SO CHILL its great. Its even more relaxing that Cha-Am.
We did hear from a few folks that live there permanently, that PKK can actually get quite busy and rowdy. Apparently Prachuap Khiri Khap is the “capital” of Phetchaburi province so during big holidays and festivals This is the place they have big celebrations!
But, during our 2 days it was VERY mellow. With the evening little “street food market” right along the water the biggest excitement we saw. We really never ventured more than about 2 blocks inland.
LOVE IT!! Being the Beach Guy that I am – this was a hugely welcomed time.
Cha-Am is hardly a horrible place to stay and considering the deal we got on our condo at Lumpini Sea View Condo it was one of the best months in Thailand.
BUT Exploration is in my blood so it was nice to get out and explore.
So – this is the start of a few videos of our Prachuap Khiri Khan mini-vacation.. from my vacation up in Cha-Am.
Enjoy 🙂