Benjakitti Park, Bangkok Thailand, Jan 2020

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This is a bit “out of order” depending upon the order with which you consume videos from Live My Ass Off ( In fact, I rarely do “Live Streams”. In fact, interestingly enough, the last time Gracie and I did a live stream on YouTube was when we were in Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River on one of the “commuter boats” as we headed up to check out the Grand Palace/Wat Po.

This day, we hopped on the BTS from our condo near On Nut and headed up to the Asoke station, then a quick walk down to Benjakitti Park. We’d been here few years prior and in fact, it was arguably a bit nicer as the weather had not taken its toll on the infrastructure.
BUT, Gratefully, Bangkok has allocated a significant amount of the necessary budget for upkeep. In this part of the world where the elements are quite intense (e.g. Intense Rain, Sun and Heat) the soil can wash away within hours so reconstruction is necessary.
That is what is happening at Benjakitti Park here in Bangkok.

On this day, I decided to go live on Facebook at about noon-ish in Bangkok so about 9pm Pacific time so 12 midnight on the East Coast so I wasn’t expecting *any* viewers but figured I’d give it a shot. Turned out some long-time friends tuned in from *the other side of the world* so I figured I’d continue the ‘cast.
This YouTube post is simply the edit of that.
Thanks for watching.
Live the Dream!