Bermuda, Day 2. Road trip to beaches.

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Our second day in Beautiful Bermuda and we take the motorbike over the bridge in St. David’s to what most people would probably refer to as the “main island” of Bermuda. Which technically I suppose it is. For sure its the largest. For those who have been, you’ll recognize some of the places and parks we stop along the way along South Road. Our goal for today is to head down to, arguably, the busiest, most “tourist” of all the beaches: HorseShoe Bay. The nice thing is there is always a way to get away from the tourist areas and we were able to have our own slice of heaven as we always do.
It’s a blessing to be able to travel like we do and with Bermuda a short flight away it’s a great place for a 3-4 day “vacation”… from our main vacation! 🙂

Living the Dream…..!
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