Buy McLaren at Japan Expo Siam Paragon Bangkok Thailand

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At the recommendation of my Dad, Gracie and I took the BTS skytrain over to Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, right on Sukhumvit, to check out the Japan Expo. It was the last day of the show but still plenty of positive energy.
Not only were we able to check out the options for Thai people in Japan but it was interesting to see what was available in the Siam Paragon mall.
You can buy a BMW, Porsche and even a McLaren:
Crazy, eh?

It’s very interesting for me to see how the middle class as well as the Upper Upper class is growing in Thailand… well all over the world really – China’s standard of living has improved 10x over the last 10 years if you simply is the statistic of GDP… from about $850/year to $8500/year in 10 years. Pretty amazing.
I cannot help but imagine what would happen if the GDP of an american household went up 10x… WOW!!! a few people might start leasing McLarens. HA!

Hope you enjoy the video.
Live the Dream!