Cha-Am Night Market, Every Wednesday Night – a Must Do!

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Whether you are a “foodie” or not, and I’m not, the Cha-Am Night Market is really a cool place to go. The more time we spend in Cha-Am the more I like it. I LOVE the fact that its a sleepy city by the beach that is also closer to a busier city (Hua Hin) and closer to a globally known city of commerce: Bangkok.
Cha-Am has A LOT going for it. AND to add to my list of “why I love Cha-Am” is one more item: The Cha-Am night Market.
The *only* think I don’t like about the Cha-Am night market? It only happens once a week 🙁
Hardly a deal breaker!
Every Wednesday evening starting about 4pm at the end of Narathip Road, just before you get to the Cha-Am Railway station, you blessed with the sights and sounds of what a local Thai Night market is. There is food… GREAT FOOD! and clothes and electronics and make-up and even some little pets like small puppies and fish. Its hardly the size of Chatuchak in Bangkok but I like it more!
So, on this Wednesday we got there about 4:30pm and walked around, eating as we stocked up on munchies as well, until about 6pm when we took the motorbike home.
I discovered that by the time we were leaving parking was non existent and our parking right up front got taken about 3 seconds after I was motioning towards the bike.
Its a really cool experience – Highly recommended.
Thanks for watching.
Live the Dream!