Chatuchak Park at BTS:Mo Chit / Bangkok, Thailand – not just Chatuchak Weekend Market

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After a successful TM47 (90 day reporting) expereience at Thai Immigration Chaeng Wattana, I decided that rather than simply jump back on the bus to the BTS and immediately head back home, I thought I should take advantage of the fact that I am essentially on permanent vacation or “retired” as some people might refer to it. I hardly feel like i’m retired. I just feel like I’m finally able to CHOOSE what I’m doing with my life to earn money and pay for my life vs. HAVING to *work* at a job, that I may in fact enjoy BUT simply to pay for my monthly expenses – a scenario all too common in the US and much of the world quite frankly.
I’m know truly taking advantage of my blessings, and let’s be clear, my decades of hard work that some years involved working (stupidly, I might ad) 60, 70 and 80 hours per week… making WORK *the* most important thing in my life.
It was a valuable learning experience but UGH… well, lets just say, I’m glad I learned FROM it and am not doing that now…
SO, as part of this real freedom, I’m taking a bit of a walk through Chatuchak Park which is right next to the BTS Mo Chit station *before* hopping back on the BTS and heading home.
…Its time to STOP and Smell the Roses! at the Park.

Here is the website for the Chatuchak Weekend Market that is indeed very well know and has a TON of shops and plenty of great deals!!!
As well as a good Wikipedia summary of the Chatuchak Market:

If you would like some more information on the park it, here’s a link to the Wikipedia Article on Chatuchak Park:
as well as some info from the Market website:

Chatuchak Park

Thanks for watching and following the journey!
Live the Dream!