Chaysiri Massage in BKK check-in/shout out: #YelpMikes

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Since there really is no “Yelp” in Thailand, I just wanted to do a quick check-in and mention a little massage place about 50 meters North from Sukhumvit on Soi Thong Lor… just down the Soi from the Thong Lo BTS station.
I do this mainly because most of the ‘advertising’ of these little shops is done via word-of-mouth. While Yelp, Craigslist, Google ratings, etc DO exist and are used in Thailand – its not as extensive as in the US.

Google’s ratings that you will see when you are looing up places on Google Maps is getting used a lot more. When I was recently at a Angel/VC Investment pitch presentation the guys from presented.

They are focused on the Health and Beauty vertical. Massage shops are certainly one of those offerings as are “waxing” places. GoWabi app offers coupons as well as lookups of places using geo-location so that is helpful – especially if it’s your first time in Bangkok. So, just a quick check-in and shout-out for but CHAYSIRI Massage as well as the GoWabi app:
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