Coronado 2018: Walking to the Beach, Living the Dream

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You may not know that the 2 worst months of weather in San Diego are arguably May and June. When you think of San Diego, I’m sure many of your think: Sun, Beach, Perfect Climate… etc.
Don’t get me wrong, it IS a great place to live.
As you may have heard, You are able to be outdoors 90% of the year and its hardly “Freezing Cold”.
BUT, for two months a year, most mornings at the coast have a Marine Layer (a.k.a. FOG if you are from anywhere else on the planet) that hangs over the beaches and so we have what’s called:
– “May Gray” &
– “June Gloom”
So, when there is a day in May where its 80 degrees before Noon, I take advantage. I still say that ambient temperature is a contributing factor to the level of disappointment someone may experience if they are susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder… I believe there is no coincidence its abbreviated “SAD”… yeh… indeed.

So, hope you enjoy our quick walk to the beach and a few selfies on the rocks in front of the Hotel Del Coronado (a.k.a. “The ‘Del”)

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~mikes & Gracie