Day #3 in Bangkok. Check in from Benchasiri Park

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One of the many things that I *like* about almost all the hotels I think I’ve stayed at in SE Asia is the very common “12 noon check out time”. For some reason I believe that the common check out time in the US is 11am. I could totally be wrong and living on the unicorn and rainbow of confirmation bias.
That said, even when “on vacation” i basically wake up about 5 am to start my day. So, on this Saturday, I decided to hang out until about 6:30am until the BTS was funny running and then head up to Benchasiri park with a bottle of water and one of these AWESOME Pineapple filled pastries from 7-Eleven and just sit and relax.
Mission accomplished.

So, just checking in and saying hello.
Hope this video finds you well and you’re Living the Dream!
Hope to see in the Land of Smiles one day.

Benchasiri Park via Google Maps: