Florida Road Trip (4/4): Sanibel Island Breakfast – One More Day of Warm

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Sorry that this upload/post is a bit out of chronological order. I was sitting here in San Diego editing some video to post on YouTube and realized I missed posting several videos from the summer.

This one in particular, while originally shot in June, is from our long weekend in Florida. The June Gloom was especially bad in San Diego this past year so gratefully, I had some JetBlue points that I actually needed to use or they were going to expire.
I had never really gone any further West in Florida than Key West and up until this trip, had never experienced the west coast of Florida.
It is now my FAVORITE place in Florida.

Its always a great thing when Gracie and I travel to a place where neither of us has been before. The whole “exploration” thing for me is a bug I was bitten by many years ago and gratefully I haven’t been cured of wanting to explore. I also realized that if I stay in a “cold” (my version of cold… probably not the same as your “cold”) climate I really get bummed out.
While much data and many people all seem to agree that if you live in an area with lack of sunshine, you can get depressed, for me, living in an area where it is not Always above 70 degrees… I simply do not feel normal.

SO, hope you enjoy this last little bit of our trip in Southern Florida and Specifically Sanibel Island – if was a magical place and I KNOW we will return for longer next time!!!

Thanks for watching.
Live the Dream!