FRIDAY MORNING IN THE BIG MANGO – What’s Been Up This Week? Open Discussion

Check out the latest video: FRIDAY MORNING IN THE BIG MANGO – What’s Been Up This Week? Open Discussion

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Greetings friends. Day/Time Stamp = FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2020 @ 8:40am – Let’s Chat!
I haven’t done a Live Stream in almost a week… on THIS channel!
I wanted to announce a new partnership with –
a growing streaming platform, currently popular with Korean and Chinese audiences. Who knows how well that will go but I’m always excited for the opportunity to be more “global”.
Additionally, I’ve had the honor of co-hostng a podcast (Bangkok Strange) with a good friend and colleague of mine, Dana, also living here in the Big Mango.
More details on that Coming Soon

So, let’s chat about what is going on in your lives, this Friday morning (Bangkok Time)
All the best from the Land Of Smiles.
Live the Dream!

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