Gateway Mall @ Ekamai BTS Station: Food Street food court Prices (in description/blog)

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We decided to take the BTS over to the Ekamai station and have some food at the Food Street food court. Its funny, when I first came to Thailand and people mentioned, “We are going to get some lunch at the ‘food court’ in the mall”, i thought, “Oh… you poor people… You must just be in a hurry and can’t take the time to head out and find some decent food, eh?”
In fact, my experience with Food Courts (as we refer to them in the US, at least) in most of South East Asia has been quite favorable. In some of the Central malls (e.g. Central Festival…) the food courts have some excellent offerings. And they are hardly the cheapest solution (from a Thai perspective) BUT when spending my “California money”, its still a great deal. The quality has always been Good to Very Good.
On this day, I wasn’t really hungry so actually just had some “street food” on the way into the mall. Just off the walkway from the BTS into Gateway, there were clothing and food tents/stalls. I had some sausage balls for 20 Baht ($0.61) and a spiced rice ball for 10 Baht ($0.30)
Gracie, being the big spender (and always hungrier than I) got a meal at Food Street of omelet and rice with a big bowl of mushroom soup for 55 THB for the meal = $1.67
We also shared 2 EST-Lights (…basically 2 diet Pepsi’s) for 19 Baht each ($1.16 total)
— the whole “lunch” cost $3.74 for both of us —
Now, are *all* our meals that ridiculously expensive? NO. I would say, most of our “street food” outings are actually more expensive… by about 2 to 3 times. For example, the Pork w/ Basil over rice with a fried egg that I like at a local evening ‘food court stall’ we go to just down the street from our Noble Remix condo, is 70 THB ($2.13) Gracie has gotten the same with shrimp for 90 THB ($2.74)
So, “dinner” for us end up being $4.87
We have a word for the cost of this in California… FREE!