Getting my Thai Drivers License – a Pretty Easy Experience

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My experience in December of 2019 getting my Thai Drivers Licence(S) was actually quite good.
ESPECIALLY if you were to compare the scenario of a foreigner in say California, who doesn’t speak English (or Spanish) nor is able to read *any* of anything written and imagine how difficult it would be in comparison AND how long it would take for them to actually receive their physical license in their hands. fwiw, if you don’t know, once your leave the DMV in California, you get a piece of paper. THEN you wait 1 to 2 weeks for the actual license to be mailed to you via USPS… Ridiculous when you compare it to my experience I had today!
Contrast that to what it was like in Thailand and one could argue it was actually Very Easy.
And cheaper.
After spending less time than I did at the California DMV and spending about 1/4 the amount of money, I left *the very same day* with both an Auto and Motorcycle drivers license.
Combine that with the fact that each individual that I interfaced with was actually pleasant to me and they helped me when I was confused and I am here to report that I think the process in Thailand is far BETTER than in California.
Look, I’m not saying America is Bad or California is Bad *but* I am here to report to you that if you are considering moving here and if you have any apprehension of having to go thru the bureaucracy of a governmental office simply because you believe your experience will be the same or Worse that you’ve experienced back in the ‘States? WELL – I’m here to tell you that MY experience in Thailand is one of appreciation for the workers and gratitude for the customer service they provided me.
…all part of the adventure.
Thanks for watching!