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Just before Gracie and I were about to make our way back down the mountain from the Highest Point in Koh Sichang, I paused and it happened. Another GRATITUDE ATTACK. I felt overwhelmed with joy and opportunity and blessed to have my life AND have Gracie in it.
Hope you enjoy my sharing.
Thanks for watching and Stay Tuned for more!!!
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(the following info is taken from our recommended Koh Sichang website:
( http://www.KohSichang.net )
“North of the harbor is a Chinese Temple known as Saan Chao Pho Khao Yai or Shrine of the Father Spirit of the Great Hill. Discovered during the Ming Dynasty by Chinese seafarers it still attracts thousands of Chinese pilgrims from Thailand and across Asia. The temple gets especially busy during Chinese New Year when boatloads of Chinese Buddhists attend on pilgrimage. The Father Spirit is a large rock inside a cave that has naturally worn into the shape of a human figure.
Other shrines within the temple are dedicated to the famous monkey that accompanied Hsuan Tsang during his pilgrimage from China to India during the seventh century and Guan Yin ‘The Goddess of Mercy’.

Next to the temple is a steep pathway with over 500 steps leading to another magnificent shrine housing a copy of the Buddha’s footprint. There are panoramic views from the shrine across the island and the sea towards the mainland.

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