Happy Friday from BKK – Welcome to the Cool Kids Table

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I’m trying out a new Live Streaming solution: Lightstream.


It was actually recommended to me from the guys at Restream ( https://www.restream.io )
I am *REEEEEALLY* impressed! All of this was done in my Chrome browser, on my Dell 13″ Chromebook 3380. This was a Free Chromebook given to me from some buddies at Dell a few years ago when I kept saying, “I *cannot* use a Chromebook as there are not apps!!!!” This was one of first few Chromebooks that allowed the running of Play Store Apps vs. just the limited number of apps in the Chrome Store.
As you probably know, this really opened up what a Chromebook can do. STILL for the most part, I try to do everything in Chrome (the browser) with as close to Everything as possible, running in The Cloud.
Its all part of Living the Dream! 😉
In this impromptu Live Stream I mention another YouTuber: Marty Johnson and his new YouTube channel: “SurvivingTN”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_lA5YtflyLQeXHn2XMIDbw/videos

He’s a great guy and listening to him go thru what he has (and still is) going thru really makes you grateful for all the little moments of simple comfort we *get* to have throughout our lives.

Plus we chat a bit about “the virus” and some of the behaviors of people here in The Kingdom – no real over-reactions, I’m happy to report…
Although, there was some discussion around the US “closing its borders” to people coming in from Asia but nothing was confirmed nor sited.

So, I hope you enjoy this little discussion with a few of your fellow subscribers and hope to come back with another one very soon.
Live the Dream!

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