Hong Kong: Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride in 24 minutes

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This video is about our journey up to Ngong Ping 360. Ngong Ping is a little village up in the hills of Lantau, Hong Kong. Near the Hong Kong International Airport. Part of the “fun” is getting there (or getting anywhere, ideally) is the journey. And, as a tourist, the trip involves some lines for sure but, we also had a lot of smiles and laughs along the way as well…
Join us for our trip up the mountain from the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal (easy to get to via MTR) on our Crystal Cabin Cable Car.
Here’s the Official Website : https://www.np360.com.hk/en/
We bought our tickets via the KLOOK App. KLOOK seems to be a decent solution about 50% of the time for tickets, excursions, things to do, etc when in SE Asia. We’ve used it in Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Their customer support via the app is either non-existent or lousy but in the field, if your adventure involves a tour guide then they have actually been ok. So, expec to save money but not get better service.. the KLOOK rule of thumb…

The Ngong Ping 360 is a gondola lift on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Intended to improve tourism to the area, the aerial lift was previously known as Tung Chung Cable Car Project before acquiring the Ngong Ping 360 brand in April 2005. The Tung Chung Cable Car terminal still has the “brand” so sadly there care be a bit of confusion but for the most part EVERYONE knows how to get to this thing.
We’d recommend it. Once… Victoria Peak on the other hand, I can see going up there during the day, at night, on a cloudy day, during low season, even for lunch, etc… even if you live there. Ngong Ping 360 is where the tourists go. Which is fine. That’s what we are this trip!! 😉 Our first trip to Hong Kong.

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