Hotspring Beach, Resort and Spa – Walk to breakfast

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Included wth the cost of the room at The Hotspring Beach, Resort and Spa is a buffet breakfast. This is fairly common for many places I’ve stayed at. I usually NEVER get this as its usually about 200-700 Baht more per night and in my experience, I can always get breakfast for Less than that. And, its much better. Here however, there is no other option. Like most real ‘resorts’ they design it so you have everything you “need” on the property. For the most part, that is the case here. It did not really have everything we “wanted” though.
But, this morning – our first breakfast – we took advantage of what was “free” (i.e. included) and then took a nice slow, quiet stroll back to our bungalow.
I think I could literally spend months On Vacation!

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed it.
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