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I am hanging out at my next resort: LIPA BAY RESORT on Lipa Noi Beach
( https://dude.ly/lipabayresort ) here on the island of Samui.

The beach here is TOTALLY AWESOME! and taking an hour long walk is uninterrupted in one direction. Taking long walks on the beach is indeed one of my many favorite past times.
Lipa Noi Beach is on the west side of the island so sunsets are quite gorgeous. It is also less than a 15 minute motorbike ride from here up to Nathon Town where the SEATRAN ferry port is so I’ll have an easy time just dropping my motorbike off and walking right on the ferry. That will either occur tomorrow or the next day… I haven’t really decided with this part of my vacation will end and the next “vacation” will start.
Its a blessed life and as you may have heard me mention before I’m, overwhelmed with gratitude! Frequently. And this beach walk is no exception.

Looking forward to sharing it with you.
Live the Dream,


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