LAX to MNL Hello Bangkok Thailand – My Second Home?

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Leaving LAX on Philippine Airlines (not recommended by the way) on my way to Bangkok. This will be the first time I’m actually going to do some “work” during a trip to Thailand, on purpose! I’ll be studying the Startup Ecosystem and Entrepreneurial Culture that currently exists in Thailand as well as gain some insight as to WHY it is this way. What is the history behind this albeit “new” culture (certainly in comparison to the long standing, mature Startup Ecosystem that exists in Silicon Valley. While the Valley is only about a 2 hour flight from San Diego… hmmm… maybe that would have been a smarter place to go! – HAHA… Thailand is one of my favorite places in the world and learning about their culture has only strengthened that love for the Land of Smiles.
SO – this is simply the beginning video is a series of YouTube uploads about the journey, the daily living and doing, as well as my insights and observations into this emerging nation’s technical and business innovation.
…stay tuned.