Leaving Alibaba’s Gateway ’17 in DTW: CLEAR!!! Even better than TSA-Pre. Love it!!!

Check out the latest video: https://youtu.be/B6_g8V5X8Zs

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On my way out of the Detroit Airport I learn about CLEAR.
CLEAR is this new way through the security line at major airports.
Naturally, you need to pay for this service AND you need to have them scan your fingerprints… on all 10 fingers, as well as do a retinal scan (not joking). Then the next time you are about to go through the line at security and get on your flight, you go through the *CLEAR* line. You are escorted through, provide your boarding pass and your 2 right fingers and look at a little camera and BLAM – through security! No ID needed, just your fingers and to look at a red dot!??? DONE!!! Love it!

I’ll be heading to Las Vegas to another conference so I will report on how that experience was.
To be fair, the TSA-Pre line is usually VERY quick, HOWEVER, lately I’ve seen whole families buying it… with strollers. The original ideal behing TSA-pre was that you were a bit more of a seasoned traveler, then with the added security checks from TSA it was determined that your baggage could be trusted more so less screening and a faster walk through the detectors. Indeed it worked out great, until all the airlines were able to realize an additional revenue stream from it. Now, if you want to get through quicker just pay $50, or $75, or $100.. depends upon airline, class of ticket, as well as airport location.
Now, obviously, that is all I am doing with this CLEAR thing BUT for ~$150 a year, its worth it for me… There have been security lines where I would pay like $150 *that day* just to get through security faster. Not very frequent but it happens enough.
If you have interest and want to sign up, click the link below. It will get YOU 2 months free and me as well. The first 30 days are a free trial so this just doubles that and costs you nothing.


Enjoy your travels! Always, All Ways!