Living on a Farm. “Fresh Pork” **CAUTION *** Pig Slaughtered

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This video is about an afternoon on Gracie’s Parent’s farm. The rain was pretty constant the whole time we were there, the “energetic rain” was sporadic but it was Warm and the graciousness of the Ocate’s exceeded my expectations. They spoke almost no english and i speak No Tagalog 🙁 BUT with some smiles and “thumbs up” and hugs we were able to communicate rather well. It was and will be probably one of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations of my lifetime. Family is such a gift. I am grateful Every Single Day for the Mum and Dad I’ve been blessed with and I know that Gracie feels the same way about her parents.
I know there are all these tips and rules and websites and courses and experts and text books and videos and blah blah blah about “how to pick a “good” woman. Well, in my experience, if you find one that has a healthy relationship with her Mum and Dad, that’s a Thumbs UP in my check list. Watching Gracie with her Mum and Dad I knew that I have been lucky enough to find a woman who has a soul dedicated to being a good person. She learned respect by watching her Father. She teaches respect by earning it. Its a blessed life when you can sit back and KNOW that you are safe and happy and lucky! regardless of the excess or lack of material items.
Happiness is a family of Filipinos… Indeed!

Thanks for watching a little bit of our day on the farm.
Live the Dream!