Mike Somerville Dell Technologies World Live 2018

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One of the roles I play in my life is the honor of being the President of the CONVERGED User Group. CONVERGED is a global community of IT rockstars who share challenges and solutions to their infrastructe. Most members will have VBlocks, VxBlocks, VxRails and/or VxRacks or a combination of them.
For the most part its the only reason I end up in Vegas. Las Vegas for me was best described to me by someone who lives there, “Mikes, its like a kitty litter box in a microwave and pack of smokes…” Hmmmm… well, Indeed it’s doesn’t make on my list of the “Top 1,750 places I like to go for a vacation”.
Vegas is, however, a very efficient place to have a conference. One could argue that its only place that can hold the “Mega-Conferences” – Conferences that have well north of 10,000 attendees, sometimes, 50,000 or 100,000.
While San Diego does a fair job at ComicCon, that show has simply outgrown America’s Finest City