my Speed Boat in Bangkok!!! at the Klong Lat Mayom WEEKEND Floating Market

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Sure, there are plenty of “Floating Market” videos on YouTube BUT how many of them spend the majority of the time showing you the cool, FAST long-tail boat ride you get to take thru the klongs of Bangkok. This was the highlight of our weekend.

Like many people who visit or live in “the big Mango”, at some point you will ABSOLUTELY end up at a Floating Market. About 1/2 of them have nothing that’s really “floating” but will maybe have a river next to a bunch of little shops selling food and clothing – standard.
BUT the Klong Lat Mayom Floating market, a.k.a. “Klong Floating Market”, is pretty easy to get to a number of ways. What we found the easiest was to take BTS to MRT and then take MRT all the way to its last stop heading west: Lak Song
This puts you right in front of The Mall Bangkea ( )
not to be confused with The Mall Bangkapi – another cool mall that you can easily (relative term, I know) get to via the Klong (river) Boat Taxis. That’s for another video though.
Once you get off at Lak Song, you can easily get a GrabCar or Taxi to the floating market, from this location, simple say, “Floating Market, use meter, chai mae?” Basically that’s “Take me to the Floating Market and use the Meter, ok?” In this part of Bangkok there is really on the Mayom Floating market so for about 100 Baht, you’ll get there.
When leaving later in your day, there WILL be a line of cars/taxis next to a very small parking lot where everyone is waiting to get a ride. Easiest thing to do is simply ask drivers, “MRT?” and they will take you to the closest MRT station. We went on a Sunday. *Its only open on the weekends* so expect crowds. The hours are 7am to 5pm. We recommend getting there before 9am and enjoy it before 11:30am/lunch time. The tour groups show up in force by about 10:30am so my noon, its packed.
The food there is Plentiful and Excellent!!!

So, on this day, Gracie and I hopped on the BTS from our condo, got off at ASOK and transferred to MRT, heading toward Lak Song.
*NOTE* the MRT is being extended so there are some times of the day when you will not be able to transfer from one stop to the other. SO, just double check that Google Maps is not sending you to stops as if it were a weekDAY.

Here’s some info on the Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market:

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