Next Stop: Hong Kong – quick check in: MTR to South Horizons

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Just a quick intro on our first few hours in Hong Kong.
While manly Novembers have been spend in Thailand, so many so that Thanksgiving is now THAISgiving, Gracie and I decided to meet up in Hong Kong this November. I was pretty tired after the initial leg of the trip BUT that didn’t stop us from exploring at least a little bit off the beaten path.
Fear not, for sure you will see videos from us at Victoria Peak and many of the other “tourist attractions” – which are indeed quite entertaining.
For this video, we get on the MTR near our AirBnB at the Jordan station on the Tsuen Wan (red) Line and take that toward Central. Transferring at Admiralty to the South Island Line (lime green) and head all the way to the end of that line to the South Horizons stop. This is one of the many, Many, multiple 60+ story building communities that is part of a very well planned and executed community by the MTR corporation.

Here’s a cool map of the MTR lines (as of July 2019):

What really surprised me about the MTR corporation was they are WAAY MORE than just a subway system. As subways go, they are easily in the top 5 in the whole world. As of this writing they have a 99.5% on-time rate. That is UNHEARD of in the US’s largest and most well-known subway/public-transit systems (e.g. New York Subway system, Boston’s MBTA system, etc…) The MTR owns real estate, malls, huge condo/apartment buildings, roads, schools, and additional retail. I’m VERY impressed with the leadership, vision and follow through of the MTR corporation. Its not something you really pay attention to going from place to place but doing a little bit of “non-tourist” digging, I soon realized that THIS organization Really had their act together.
I dare say it is what Makes so many people’s daily lives in Hong Kong so well architected.
Thank You MTR!!!

And Thank You for joining us on our journey.
Hope to bring you more perspectives and adventures and we Live the Dream! …cuz if you’re not Livin’ the Dream – you’re doing it wrong!

~mikes & Gracie