(Part 4) Bang Krachao Bike Ride | Ferry Back Home

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Gracie and I finish off a great day over at Bang Krachao (sometimes written/pronounced as Bang Kachao). It’s one the MANY very inexpensive things to do in Bangkok. Arguably this is not the “typical tourist outing” but if you live here its a great way to be a Tourist in your own City!
It was a great day of exploring that Gracie and I were able to do. AND, something that You CAN do today. While there is indeed still a State of Emergency, as of this video, the curfew has shortened by 1 hour bringing it to an 11pm to 4am closure. But, more importantly, businesses are starting to re-open and TRAVEL is slowing becoming available. As of yesterday, Bangkok Airways is now flying from Bangkok to Koh Samui.
But, I discovered, the Thai Goverment doesn’t consider Going to The Beach “essential travel”. Plus about 24 hours after booking my hotel in Agoda, I got a notification from the hotel that they are NOT open until JULY, 2020… Big Bummer!!!
But, I was still very motivated to get back to some of the video that Gracie and I made only about 3 weeks before complete State of Emergency and before “lockdown” was a very common term!
I hope you enjoyed our little adventure.
Some more info on the destination:
—– In one of my random Google Map-ings using “Satellite View” I took a look at the local area and the Chao Praya river. It winds in, through and around Bangkok. In the “center” of the view I discovered there is Significant “green” (e.g. trees!) in this one spot that I later learned is referred to as The Green Lung of Bangkok – rightfully so. It likely helps filter a lot of the air that is of pretty bad quality during certain times of the year, here in The Big Mango.
So, I took a look and realized it was about a 15 minute walk to a 5 minute sung tao ride to a 10 minute ferry ride and BLAM!! and we are on an Island and you are Hard Pressed to believe you are still in the mighty busy noisy city of Bangkok. Bang Krachao is a AWESOME place. I hope you enjoy to ride around there and the floating market we explore.!!
Thanks for watching.
Live the Dream!


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